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Publications in Journal

# Publications by 2015
1 Raja G. T., Haldar R. , Varshney S. K., Numerical analysis of lasing characteristics in highly bend-compensated large mode-area ytterbium-doped double-clad leakage-channel fibers, Applied Optics, 54, 10314-10320, 2015
2 Ghosh U., Datta R., A Secure Addressing Scheme for Large Scale Managed MANETs, IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, 483-495, 2015
3 Santra S., Hu G. , Howe R. , Luca A. , Ali S. , Udrea F. , Gardner J. , Ray S. K., Guha P. K., Hasan T., CMOS integration of inkjet-printed graphene for humidity sensing, Nature Scientific Report, 5, 1-12, 2015
4 Wary N., Mandal P., High-speed energy-efficient bi-directional transceiver for on-chip global interconnects, IET Circuits, Devices and Systems, 319-327, 2015
5 R. Mukherjee, P.K. Guha and P. Mandal, Sensitivity improvement using optimized heater design for dual axis thermal accelerometers, Microsystem Technologies, 2015
6 Das B. K., Ruiz L. A., Chakraborty M. , Garcia J. A, On Steady State Tracking Performance of Adaptive Networks, DSP-15, 2015
7 Nuthakki S. S., Chattopadhyay S. , Chakraborty M., Test set customization for improved fault diagnosis without sacrificing coverage, ISCAS, 1574-1577, 2015
8 Das R. L., Chakraborty M., On Convergence of Proportionate-Type Normalized Least Mean Square Algorithms, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems, Part II, 62, 491-495, 2015
9 Bakariya P. S., Dwari S. , Sarkar M. , Mandal M. K., Proximity coupled multiband microstrip antenna for wireless applications, IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Lett., 14, 646-649, 2015
10 Debnath K., Moore R. , Liles A. , O'faolain L., Toolkit For photonic integrated circuits based on inverted rib waveguides, Journal of Lightwave Technology, 33, 4145-4150, 2015
11 Prasad N., Chattopadhyay S. , Chakrabarti I., Reconfigurable data parallel constant geometry fast Fourier transform architectures on Network-on-Chip, Microprocessors and Microsystems, 39, 741-751, 2015
12 Pal M. and Goutam Saha, On robustness of speech based biometric systems against voice conversion attack, Applied Soft Computing, 30, 214-228, 2015
13 Paul A., Bhattacharya B. , Bhattacharyya T. K., Electric-field assisted desorption of water molecules in DNA functionalized CNT network, IEEE Sensors Journal, 15, 2947-2950, 2015
14 Ghosh S., Ghosh R. , Guha P. K., Bhattacharyya T. K., Humidity Sensor Based on High Proton Conductivity of Graphene Oxide, IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, 14, 931-937, 2015
15 S. Nag, S. K. Sikdar, N. V. Thakor, V. R. Rao and D. Sharma, Sensing of Stimulus Artifact Suppressed Signals from Electrode Interfaces, IEEE Sensors Journal, 2015
16 Seemanti Saha, Saswat Chakrabarti, Sant Saran Pathak, TSK type self organizing on line fuzzy equalization to mitigate nonlinear power amplifier distortions in OFDM systems, International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communication Systems, 8, 23-41, 2015
17 Swaminathan R., Selvaraj M. D., Roy R., On the Error and Outage Performance of Decode-and-Forward Cooperative Selection Diversity System With Correlated Links, IEEE Trans. Vehicular Technology, 64, 3578-3593, 2015
18 Swaminathan R., Selvaraj M. D., Roy R., Parallel Glauber dynamics-based scheduling in static wireless grid networks with polynomially fading interference, IEEE Communication Letter, 51, 1948-1950, 2015
19 Pradipta Roy, P. K. Biswas, A Parallel LEGION Algorithm and Cell-based Architecture for Real Time Split and Merge Video Segmentation, Journal of Real Time Image Processing, 2015
20 C. Singhal, and S. De, User-Centric Energy-Efficient Multimedia Multicast/Broadcast Solutions : A Survey, ICST Transaction on Ubiquitous Environments Journal 2, 2015
21 Chae J., Lahiri B. , Centrone A., Engineering Near-Field SEIRA Enhancement in Plasmonic Resonators, ACS Photonics, 87-95, 2015
22 Mukherjee A., Dhar A. S., Real-time fault-tolerance with hot-standby topology for conditional sum adder, Microelectronics Reliability, 55, 704-712, 2015
23 E. Mallikarjun and A. Bhattacharya, Shape Reconstruction of Mixed Boundary Objects by Linear Sampling Method, IEEE Trans. on Antenna Propagation, 63, 3077-3086, 2015