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Publications in Journal

# Publications by Pradip Mandal
1 Mukherjee R., Basu J. , Mandal P. , Guha P. K., A review of micromachined thermal accelerometers, Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 27, 2017
2 Wary N., Mandal P, Current-mode triline transceiver for coded differential signaling across on-chip global interconnects, IEEE Transaction of VLSI, 25, 2575-2587, 2017
3 Wary N., Mandal P., High-speed energy-efficient bi-directional transceiver for on-chip global interconnects, IET Circuits, Devices and Systems, 319-327, 2015
4 R. Mukherjee, P.K. Guha and P. Mandal, Sensitivity improvement using optimized heater design for dual axis thermal accelerometers, Microsystem Technologies, 2015
5 Sudip Kundu, and Pradip Mandal, ISGP: Iterative Sequential Geometric Programming for Precise and Robust Analog Circuit Sizing, Integration, the VLSI Journal, 47, 510-531, 2014
6 Samiran Dam and P. Mandal, Modeling and Design of CMOS Analog Circuits through Hierarchical Abstraction, Integration, the VLSI Journal, 449-462, 2013
7 Biswajit Maity, Soumya Gangula and P. Mandal, Design and Implementation of an Area and Power Efficient Switched-Capacitor Based Embedded DC-DC Converter, Journal of Low Power Electronics, 8, 207-222, 2012
8 Kaushik Bhattacharyya and P. Mandal, Improvement of Performance of Dynamically Reconfigurable Switched Capacitor Based Non-Overlap Rotational Time Interleaved Embedded DC-DC Converter, Journal of Low Power Electronics, 8, 223-234, 2012
9 Vijaya Sankara Rao P, Debashis Banerjee and P. Mandal, Active Terminated Current-Mode Pre-emphasis Transmitter for PCI Express Standard, International Journal of Electronics and Communication, 65, 2011
10 Mrigank Sharad, Vijaya Sankara Rao P. and P. Mandal, Half-Rate Duobinary Transmitter Architecture for Chip-to-Chip Interconnect Applications, Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, 42, 361-377, 2011
11 Vijaya Sankara Rao P. and P. Mandal, Current-Mode Analog Interface for High-Speed Low-Current Differential Signaling, International Journal of Electronics, 1007-1020, 2010
12 Tamal Das and P. Mandal, Switched-Capacitor Based Buck Converter Design Using Current Limiter, Journal of Low Power Electronics American Scientific Publisher, 2009
13 Maity A., Raghavendra R. G., Mandal P, Design of a low power voltage regulator for high dynamic range of load current, International Journal of Electronics, 95, 743-757, 2007
14 P. Mandal and V. Visvanathan, CMOS Op-Amp Sizing Using a Geometric Programming Formulation, Transactions on Computer Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, 20, 22-38, 2001
15 P. Mandal and V. Visvanathan, Self Biasing of High Performance Folded Cascode CMOS Op-Amp by, International Journal of Electronics, 87, 795- 808, 2000
16 P. Mandal and V. Visvanathan, Active Biasing of Multi Stage CMOS Op-Amps, International Journal of Electronics T, 8, 933-946, 1999