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# Publications by 2011
1 K. Saitoh, S.K. Varshney, K. Sasaki, L. Rosa, M. Koshiba, M. Pal and S.K. Bhadra, Limitation on Effective Area of Bent Large-Mode-Area Leakage Channel Fibers, OSA/IEEEJ. Lightwave Technology, 29, 2011
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3 Vijaya Sankara Rao P, Debashis Banerjee and P. Mandal, Active Terminated Current-Mode Pre-emphasis Transmitter for PCI Express Standard, International Journal of Electronics and Communication, 65, 2011
4 Mrigank Sharad, Vijaya Sankara Rao P. and P. Mandal, Half-Rate Duobinary Transmitter Architecture for Chip-to-Chip Interconnect Applications, Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, 42, 361-377, 2011
5 B. K., Chakraborty M., Gradient Comparator Least Mean Square Algorithm for Identification of Sparse Systems with Variable Sparsity, APSIPA ASC 2011, 2011
6 M. K. Mandal and Z. H. Chen, Compact dual-band and ultra-wideband loop antennas, IEEE trans. on Antennas and Propagation, 59, 2774-2779, 2011
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9 Sudhir B. Lande, J. B. Helonde, Rajesh Pande, S.S.Pathak, Adaptive subcarrier and bit allocation for downlink OFDMA system with proportional fairness, International Journal of Wireless & Mobile Networks (IJWMN), 3, 125-140, 2011
10 Layek, R., Datta, A., Bittner, M., & Dougherty, E. R., Cancer therapy design based on pathway logic, Bioinformatics, 27, 548-555, 2011
11 Layek, R. K., Datta, A., & Dougherty, E. R., From biological pathways to regulatory networks, Molecular BioSystems, 7, 843-851, 2011
12 Jibukumar M. G., Raja Datta and Prabir Kumar Biswas, Packet Loss-Ratio based Scheduler: An adaptive scheduling scheme to increase the number of multimedia applications in WLAN, International Journal of Ultra Wide Band Communication System, 2, 34 - 43, 2011
13 A.B. Kakade and B. Ghosh, Mode excitation in the coaxial probe coupled three-layer hemispherical dielectric resonator antenna, IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 59, 4463-4469, 2011
14 Sanjay Soni and A. Bhattacharya, An Analytical Characterization of Transmission through a Building for Deterministic Propagation Modeling, Microwave and Optical Technology Letter, 53, 1875-1879, 2011