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1 Nag S., Methods in Molecular Biology, Subcellular Optogenetic Stimulation Platform for Studying Activity-Dependent Axon Myelination In Vitro, 2018
2 Singhal C., Barik P., Resource Allocation in Next-Generation Broadband Wireless Access Networks, Adaptive Multimedia Services in Next-Generation Broadband Wireless Access Network, 1-31, 2017
3 Swayamsiddha S., Singhal C. , Roy R., Handbook of Research on Modeling, Analysis, and Application of Nature-Inspired MetaheuristicAlgorithms, Nature-Inspired-Algorithms-Based Cellular Location Management: Scope and Applications, 346-362, 2017
4 S. Nag, D. Sharma and N. V. Thakor, Electrical Stimulation, Handbook of Bioelectronics, 2015
5 Nag S., Sharma D. , Thakor N, Handbook of Bioelectronics, Electrical Stimulation, 365-378, 2015
6 C. Singhal and S. De, Resource Allocation in Heterogeneous Broadband Wireless Access Networks, Convergence of Broad- band, Broadcast, and Cellular Network Technologies, 51-76, 2014
7 A. Bhattacharya, Digital Communication, Electrical & Electronics Engineering Series, 2005