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Publications in Journal

# Publications by Chetna Singhal
1 Singhal C., De S. , Moravapalle U. P., Optimized mesh routing with intermediate recovery for error resilient delivery of MD coded image/video content, Computer Communications, 118, 148-162, 2018
2 Singhal C., De S., Energy-efficient and QoE-aware TV broadcast in next-generation heterogeneous networks, IEEE Communications Magazine, 54, 142-150, 2016
3 C. Singhal, and S. De, User-Centric Energy-Efficient Multimedia Multicast/Broadcast Solutions : A Survey, ICST Transaction on Ubiquitous Environments Journal 2, 2015
4 C. Singhal, S. De, R. Trestian, and G. M. Muntean, Joint Optimization of User-Experience and Energy-Efficiency in Wireless Multimedia Broadcast, IEEE Transaction on Mobile Computing, 13, 1522-1535, 2014