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Publications in Journal

# Publications by Goutam Saha
1 Barik K., Daimi S. N., Jones R. , Bhattacharya J. , Saha G, A machine learning approach to predict perceptual decisions: an insight into face pareidolia, Brain informatics, 6, 1-16, 2019
2 Sen S., Daimi S. N., Watanabe K. , Takahashi K. , Bhattacharya J. , Saha G., Switch or stay? Automatic classification of internal mental states in bistable perception, Cognitive Neurodynamics, 1-19, 2019
3 Pal M., Paul D. , Saha G., Synthetic speech detection using fundamental frequency variation and spectral features, Computer Speech & Language, 48, 31-50, 2018
4 Paul D., Pal M. , Saha G, Spectral Features for Synthetic Speech Detection, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing (JSTSP), 11, 605-617, 2017
5 Nandini Sengupta, Md Sahidullah, Goutam Saha, Lung sound classification using cepstral-based statistical features, Computers in Biology and Medicine, 75, 118-129, 2016
6 Pal M. and Goutam Saha, On robustness of speech based biometric systems against voice conversion attack, Applied Soft Computing, 30, 214-228, 2015
7 Daimi S. N. and Goutam Saha, Classification of emotions induced by music videos and correlation with participants rating, Experts Systems with Applications, 41, 6057-6065, 2014
8 Md Sahidullah and Goutam Saha, A Novel Windowing Technique for Efficient Computation of MFCC for Speaker Recognition, Signal Processing Letters, 20, 149-152, 2013
9 Bhushan Vidya, Goutam Saha, Lindsen Job, Shimojo Shinsuke and Bhattacharya Joydeep, How We Choose One over Another: Predicting Trial-by-Trial Preference Decision, PloS ONE, 2012
10 S. Chakroborty and Goutam Saha, Feature selection using singular value decomposition and QR factorization with column pivoting for text-independent speaker identification, Speech Communication, 52, 693-709, 2010
11 S. Karkare, Goutam Saha and J. Bhattacharya, Investigating Long Range Correlation Properties in EEG during Complex Cognitive Tasks, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals, 42, 2067-2073, 2009