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Publications in Journal

# Publications by Vivek Dixit
1 Chakraborty I., Debnath K. , Dixit V., Low-energy high-speed graphene modulator for on-chip communication, OSA Continuum, 2, 2019
2 Bhati A., Hiremath K. R., Dixit V., Bandwidth enhancement of Salisbury screen microwave absorber using wire metamaterial, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, 891-897, 2018
3 Bhati A., Hiremath K. R., Dixit V. Applied Physics A, Bandwidth enhancement of triple layer microwave absorber using metallic square patch, Applied Physics A, 124 798, 2018
4 Chatterjee J., Mohan A. , Dixit V, Broadband Circularly Polarized H-shaped Patch Antenna using Reactive Impedance Surface, IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters, 17, 625-628, 2018
5 Bhati A., Hiremath K. R., Dixit V., SQUARE PATCH-BASED DIELECTRIC MICROWAVE ABSORBER, Progress In Electromagnetics Research M, 63, 13-21, 2018
6 Dokania V., Islam A. , Dixit V. , Tiwari S, Analytical Modeling of Wrap-Gate Carbon Nanotube FET With Parasitic Capacitances and Density of States, IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 3314-3319, 2016
7 MK S Ranwa, PK Kulriya, V Dixit, Temperature dependent electrical transport studies of self-aligned ZnO nanorods/Si heterostructures deposited by sputtering, Journal of Applied Physics, 115, 2014
8 EH Khoo, I Ahmed, Z Guo, V Dixit, MTW Ang, EP Li, Investigation of the near field distribution in circular nanostructures using Stokes polarization states, Applied Physics A, 112, 597-603, 2013