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Publications in Journal

# Publications by 2008
1 Varshney S. K., Saitoh K. , Iizawa K. , Tsuchida Y. , Koshiba M. , Sinha R. K., Raman amplification characteristics of As2Se3 photonic crystal fibers, Optics Letters, 33, 2431-2433, 2008
2 Saitoh K., Florous N. J., Varshney S. K., Koshiba M., Tunable photonic crystal fiber couplers with a thermo-responsive liquid crystal resonator, J. Lightwave Technology, 26, 663-669, 2008
3 Ningrinla Marchang and Raja Datta, Colaborative Techniques for Intrusion Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks V, 6, 508-523, 2008
4 P. Mondal and M. K. Mandal, Design of dual-band bandpass filters using stub-loaded open-loop resonator, IEEE trans. on Microwave Theory and Technique, 56, 150-155, 2008
5 Divyabramham K., Mandal M. K., Sanyal S., Sharp-rejection wideband bandstop filters, IEEE Microwave and Wireless Comp. Lett., 18, 662-664, 2008
6 Velidi V. K., Mandal M. K., Bhattacharya A, Uniplanar harmonic suppressed compact rat-race couplers, Wiley Microwave and Optical Tech. Lett, 50, 2812-2814, 2008
7 Aruna Tripathy, Sant Sharan Pathak, Saswat Chakrabarti, A Low complexity approach to turbo equalize, WSEAS Transactions on Signal Processing, 4, 251-260, 2008
8 Chakraborty S. S., Roy R. , De S, ARQ-based switched antenna diversity in Markov channels, IET Electronics Letters, 44, 1475-1476, 2008
9 Ashraf Hossain, T. Radhika, S. Chakraborty, P. K. Biswas, An Approach to Increase the Life Time of a Linear Array of Wireless Sensor Nodes, International Journal of Wireless Information Networks, 15, 72-81, 2008
10 A. V. Nandedkar, P. K. Biswas, A Reflex Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network for Semi-Supervised Learning, Journal of Intelligent Systems, 17, 5-17, 2008
11 Ashraf Hossain, S. Chakrabarti and P. K. Biswas, On Determining Cluster Size of Randomly Deployed Heterogeneous WSNs, IEEE Communications Letters, 12, 2008
12 B. Ghosh, S. Ghosh and A.B. Kakade, Investigation of gain enhancement of electrically small antennas using double-negative, single-negative and double-positive materials, Physical Review E, 78, 2008