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Publications in Journal

# Publications by Ritwik Kumar Layek
1 Das H., Deshpande A. , Layek R. K, A Linear Formulation of Asynchronous Boolean Networks, IEEE Control Systems Letters, 3, 284-289, 2019
2 Deshpande A., Layek R. K., Fault Detection and Therapeutic Intervention in Gene Regulatory Networks using SAT Solvers, BioSystems, 179, 55-62, 2019
3 Banerjee J., Sasmal S. K., Layek R. K., Supercritical and subcritical Hopf- bifurcations in a two-delayed prey-predator system with density-dependent mortality of predator and strong Allee effect in prey, BioSystems, 180, 19-37, 2019
4 Samanta S., Layek R. K., Kar S. , Mukhopadhyay S. , Chakraborty S., Transient drift of Escherichia coli under a diffusing step nutrient profile, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, 98, 2018
5 Samanta S., Layek R. , Kar S. , Raj M. K., Mukhopadhyay S. , Chakraborty S., Predicting Escherichia coli s chemotactic drift under exponential gradient, Physical Review E, 96, 2017
6 Das H., Layek R. K, Estimation of Delays in Generalized Asynchronous Boolean Networks, Molecular BioSystems, 12, 3098-3110, 2016
7 Sridharan S., Layek R. K., Datta A. , Venkatraj J., Boolean modeling and fault diagnosis in oxidative stress response, BMC Genomics, 12, 1-16, 2012
8 Layek, R., Datta, A., Bittner, M., & Dougherty, E. R., Cancer therapy design based on pathway logic, Bioinformatics, 27, 548-555, 2011
9 Layek, R. K., Datta, A., & Dougherty, E. R., From biological pathways to regulatory networks, Molecular BioSystems, 7, 843-851, 2011
10 Layek, R., Datta, A., Pal, R., & Dougherty, E. R, Adaptive intervention in probabilistic Boolean networks, Bioinformatics, 25, 2042-2048, 2009