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# Publications by Sant Sharan Pathak
1 Samadder S. , Srivastav P. P., Pathak S. S., Datta A. K, Development and evaluation of low-cost frequency based sensor for non-destructive detection of Paneer spoilage, Journal of Biochemical Technology, 9, 10-15, 2018
2 Mankar P. D., Das G. , Pathak S. S., Ghanore A. B, Semi-cooperative game theoretic framework for resource allocation in cognitive cellular networks, Physical Communication, 27, 36-65, 2018
3 Mankar P. D., Das G. , Pathak S. S., Coverage analysis of two-tier hetnets for co-channel, orthogonal, and partial spectrum sharing under fractional load conditions, IEEE Transactions On Vehicular Technology, 66, 7149-7163, 2017
4 Bera D., Chakrabarti I. , Pathak S. S., Modelling of cooperative spectrum sensing over rayleigh fading without csi in cognitive radio networks, Wireless Personal Communications, 86, 1281-1297, 2016
5 Seemanti Saha, Saswat Chakrabarti, Sant Saran Pathak, TSK type self organizing on line fuzzy equalization to mitigate nonlinear power amplifier distortions in OFDM systems, International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communication Systems, 8, 23-41, 2015
6 M. Ravi Kumar , S.S. Pathak, P.Ganguly, N.B. Chakrabarti, Construction and generation of OCDMA code families using a complex row-wise orthogonal pairs algorithm, International Journal of Electronics and Communications (AEU, 67, 868-874, 2013
7 Sudhir B. Lande, J. B. Helonde, Rajesh Pande, S.S.Pathak, Adaptive subcarrier and bit allocation for downlink OFDMA system with proportional fairness, International Journal of Wireless & Mobile Networks (IJWMN), 3, 125-140, 2011
8 Sanjay M. Gulhane, Sant S. Pathak, Edge-assisted classical decorrelator for multiuser asynchronous DS-CDMA channel, Signal Processing, 90, 914-925, 2010
9 Parida, P., Kumar A. , Kumar S. , Kundu S. , Pathak S. S., Performance evaluation of identical block length and rate LDPC codes of structured regular and structured irregular characteristics, Int. J. of Systems and Technologies, 2, 179-187, 2009
10 Aruna Tripathy, Sant Sharan Pathak, Saswat Chakrabarti, A Low complexity approach to turbo equalize, WSEAS Transactions on Signal Processing, 4, 251-260, 2008
11 Aruna Tripathy, Sant Sharan Pathak, Saswat Chakrabarti, An improved SIC based turbo equalizer, WSEAS Transactions on Communications, 6, 867-874, 2007
12 A.D.Banik, U.C.Gupta, S.S.Pathak, On the GI/M/1/N queue with multiple working vacation - analytic analysis and computation, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 31, 1701-1710, 2007
13 A.D.Banik, U.C.Gupta and S.S.Pathak, BMAP/G/1/N queue with vacations and limited service discipline, Applied Mathematics and Computation, 180, 707-721, 2006
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15 U.C.Gupta, A.D.Banik and S.S.Pathak, Complete analysis of MAP/G/1/N queue with single (multiple) vacation(s) under limited service discipline, Journal of Applied Mathematics and Stochastic Analysis, 3, 353-373, 2005
16 S.Prasad and S.S.Pathak, Optimum data receivers for low SNR data signals in non-Gaussian noise and intersymbol interference: receiver structures and their performance analysis, IEE Proceedings, 135, 471-480, 1988
17 S.Prasad and S.S.Pathak, An approach to recursive equalization via white sequence estimation techniques, IEEE Trans. Communications COM, 35, 1037-1040, 1987