Headed by Professor H. Tischner, the initial framework of the department was formed under a collaborative programme with the University of Illinois, USA, through TCM involving exchange of faculty members. In course of time, R&D projects have been sponsored by ISRO, Defense departments, DST, and also by international agencies like Nortel Technology (Canada), EU, Texas Instruments, Hughes, Intel, Cadence and many more. The department has been involved in teaching and research in diverse aspects of Telecommunication, Microelectronics, Computer Vision, Electromagnetics, Light wave Engineering. Some of the recent sponsored projects undertaken by the department include development of silicon micro sensors using MEMS technology for MHRD, Govt of India, development of CORDIC chips and demonstration of its application in Doppler Ultrasonography for DOE, Analysis Design and development of GTEM cell for ISRO Bangalore, Advanced Wavelength routed optical networks for European Union, Brussels, development of Video Codec using Wavelet Transform technique for Intel, USA, development of array antennas sponsored by DRDO.


10 - 14 July 2017 :  Short Term Course on:  Advanced DSP Design Techniques

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