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Prospective Faculty

Why Join Elecronics, IIT Kharagpur ?

IIT Kharagpur with its Excellent Performance and Rich History

The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, founded in 1950 with a few other departments, has grown to its present size with 19 departments, 7 centers and 9 schools. Today, the institute provides instructions to about 3400 undergraduate, 1600 postgraduate students, and 1400 research scholars, a number that is expected to increase substantially in the near future. The teaching community comprises nearly 500 faculty members and 1270 non-academic staff. The motto of IIT Kharagpur is "Yoga Karmashu Kaushalam" . The motto literally translates to "Excellence in action is Yoga" essentially implying that doing your work well is (true) yoga. It is sourced to Sri Krishna's discourse to Arjuna in Bhagavad Gita. This quote in its larger context of Gita urges man to acquire equanimity because such a soul endowed with the mind of equanimity allows him to shed the effects of his good and evil deeds in this world itself. Equanimity is the source of perfection in Karmic endeavors while leading to Salvation.. IIT Kharagpur, the oldest, largest and the most diversified of all IITs, has a rich history of excellence created over more than 60 years of its existence. It has a very impressive and long list of alumni who have made a significant impact on all sectors of academia, industry and society.

A Large Start-up Grant for Newly-joined Faculty Members

To facilitate, support and acknowledge the contributions, skills and professional activities of its faculty members and to aid the process of professional induction, the Institute offers:

  • An Innovative Research Grant under the Institute Scheme for Innovative Research and Development (ISIRD) to new faculty members, up to a maximum of Rs. 25 Lakh for equipment and infrastructure
  • An additional Rs. 3 Lakh for consumables, contingency and travel. Additionally, a number of Research Challenge grants are available.
  • A Cumulative Professional Development Allowance (CPDA) of Rs. 3 Lakh for every block period of 3 years (Rupees one lakh per year) to every member of the faculty on reimbursable basis, to meet the expenses for participating in both national and international conferences, paying the membership fee of various professional bodies and contingent expenses.
  • For attending conferences abroad, an additional amount of Rs. 50,000 to a faculty member, who is a Principal Investigator of a Sponsored Project amounting to at least Rs 15 Lakh and has at least three Published Papers in referred journals in the preceding three years.
  • An interest-free soft advance of Rs. 50,000 to all newly recruited faculty members.
  • An honorarium of Rs. 15,000 per month to the faculty members who have been awarded the S.S. Bhatnagar Prize OR who are fellows of at least two National Academies.

One of the Best Department in India

" IIT KGP provided me the necessary infrastructure for research most readily. A growing community of vibrant new engineers and scientists, coupled with excellent existing faculty, allows interdisciplinary collaborations in emerging areas, especially those related to Biology and Healthcare. Recent competitive internal funding schemes with thorough external reviews provide a great impetus to research. The excellent and highly efficient support staff helps a great deal in easing the time and process one has to go through for purchases in government institutes."
-- Sharba Bandyopadhyay,
Assistant Professor, Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering; Joined the Institute in 2015

The E&ECE Department offers programs of study leading to BTech, MTech, MS Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Electronics and communication Engineering. The department's academic programs are nationally and internationally recognized as one of the premier engineering programs in the world. Our faculty are leading the way in areas such as low-power computing, integrated analog and digital electronics, embedded systems, communications, energy and power systems, nanotechnology and nanomaterials, applied and computational electromagnetics, radar remote sensing, quantum computing, ultrafast lasers, optoelectronics, plasma science and engineering, millimetre wave technology, MEMS, big data, wireless sensor networks, computer vision and machine learning. Consisting of a large and diverse student base of some of the brightest young minds in the engineering field, the ECE Department has demonstrated excellence and commitment in the areas of academics, student support, and community. Students are supported each year through fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships. Additionally, ECE students can participate in many well-respected and nationally recognized student organizations.

Kharagpur - The Mini India

Kharagpur is an industrial city in Paschim Medinipur district of West Bengal, India. It is the headquarters of the Kharagpur subdivision. It is the most populated, multicultural and cosmopolitan city of the district. The first Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), one of the Institutes of National Importance, was founded in Kharagpur in May 1950. It has one of the largest railway workshops in India, and the third longest railway platform in the world (1072.5 m). Kharagpur has one of the largest industrial setups in West Bengal. Several large industrial plants are located in and around Kharagpur due to its proximity to Kolkata, good rail and road connectivity via NH 6 and NH 60, availability of labour, and raw materials. Important establishments like Tata Metaliks, Tata Bearings, Siemens, Kharagpur Metal, ISD Cement, Godrej, Tata Hitachi, Century Extrusions, Humboldt Wedag, Rashmi Metaliks, BRG Group, Bengal Energy, Ramco Cements have set up their plants in and around Kharagpur. It is just 2 hours Journey from Kolkata both by Railways and by Car. Apart from Bengali, which is predominantly spoken in the region, Hindi, Telugu, Odia and Punjabi are also widely spoken languages.

Medical Facilities

Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur is committed to provide quality health care services to its faculty, employees, and students using modern and cost effective techniques and technologies, and through a dedicated and humane approach. In accordance with the above policy, B C Roy Technology Hospital, owned and managed by Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, provides Primary Health Care comprising of curative, preventive and health promotion services. . At present, B C Roy Technology Hospital is located centrally within the IIT Kharagpur campus. The facility has 32 beds, including a 2 Bedded ICU, Cabins and Isolation Ward. Through its Out Patient Department (OPD), Indoor Wards and Emergency Unit, B C Roy Technology Hospital provides 24x7 uninterrupted health care services to the campus community.

Facilities for Sports and Fitness

Facilities for playing different sports like cricket, football, basket ball, tennis and badminton, and a swimming pool are available. The many fields and well-maintained roads are attractive for walking, running or cycling.

Central Facilities

The central facilities are given in details.

  • Central  Research Facilities :   The aim of Central Research Facility is to provide research and development centrally for all the students of this institute. There are around 25 laboratory in the CRF complex and the lab incharges are the different faculties of IIT Kharagpur.Students of diffrent branches come here for research and experiment.
  • Centralized Classrooms :  It is one of the biggest complexes in India with a capacity of 30,000 Students .The rooms are equipped with centralised air conditioning. The Complex was ,inaugurated by the IIT Alumni and previous years batches. It is near the Agriculture Department . The food facilities include subway, nesafe, MFS canteen and Roosters, in the vicinity of the Complex. NCC Activity takes place outside Nalanda followed by class in Nalanda complex , on every Saturday.
  • Centralized Labs Seminar & Conference Halls  :  Computer and Informatics Centre (CIC) provides mainly three types of services namely network services, computational services and lab services to IIT, Kharagpur community. Network services like electronic mail, world wide web, DNS, telnet, ftp etc are provided to all the departments, centres and schools as well as to the Halls of Residences through a gigabit network. Computational services (both, in terms of hardware and software) are provided to the students, faculty and staff members of the institute. Various high end servers like IBM's RS/6000, Sun Blade and Graphics workstations are available in CIC. Various advanced and special purpose softwares such as AutoCad, Matlab, Mathematica, Mapple etc are installed and maintained by CIC. Besides, five labs namely PC Lab I, PC Lab II, PC Lab III, Workstation Lab and Terminal Lab are maintained by CIC for large and/or special purpose practical classes.

Central Library

The Central Library has grown in size and content to take the present shape. With the developments in computers, microelectronics and communication technologies, the behavioral characteristics of the information seekers have been changing rapidly and the library is trying its best to adapt with the technological advancement. For the last six decades, the library has been the lifeline of the academic activities of the Institute. It is no exaggeration to state that the Central Library of IIT Kharagpur is one of the largest and finest technical libraries in Asia.

Good Accommodation

All Faculty Members are provided with appropriate accommodation within the campus. Bungalows and Flats of various designs and sizes are available. New high-quality accommodations are being continually constructed. Free maintenance services for civil, electrical, water or sanitary works are provided to all in-campus residents. Nearly uninterrupted power supply is an attractive feature of the IIT campus life.

Campus Services

IIT Kharagpur has huge campus, all the necessary services are available within the Campus.

  • Banks and ATMs : There are 4 Government Banks like SBI, Syndicate Bank, UBI, Punjab National Bank inside the campus. There are One E-Corner and 6 ATM of SBI, ATM of AXIS, UBI, PNB, Syndicate as well.
  • Post Office : There is a Post Office and a Post Office ATM.
  • Market Area : IIT Market or Tech Market is a huge market within the campus. Around 600 shops of Vegetables, Fruits, Chicken, Egg, Meat, Stationary etc are avaialble here.
  • Resturants : There are 6 Resturants inside the campus both Open and Close Resturants, Ice Cream Corners, Subway, CCD etc. Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast all are available in the Resturants. Both Veg and Non-Veg food is available here.
  • Beverage and Snacks : Shops like NesCafe, CCD are available in the campus.
  • Nursery : Nursery is also available for plant and tree lovers, it also helps to keep the campus green and clean.

Quest House and Canteens

The campus has 4 Guest Houses. Right from low cost quest house to 4 Star Facilities are there within the campus. All Quest House has excellent fooding facilities within the Guest House itself. Guest House is also in Kolkata at Saltlake. Other from that there are canteen for staffs and students to have very good food at low cost. Canteen facilities is there in all halls and Hostels and in the institute buildings as well.

  • Visveswaraya Guest House : This Guest House is located near the Sahara Resturant. It is quiet cheaper in rate. View More      
  • Technology Guest House : It consists of 3 types of Guest Houses, i) New Technology Guest House ii) Technology Guest House (Old Wing) iii) Heritage Building. It also consists of Meeting Room, Banquet Hall, Suite etc View More      
  • Kolkata Guest House : Kolkata Guest House is situated in the Salt Lake Sector 3 at Kolkata. It is 60 min ditance from Airport. It has Meeting Room, VIP Dining, Conference Hall. View More      

Amazing Green Campus with Parks, Water Bodies and Children's Play Areas

IIT Kharagpur has the best Green campus of the Country. It is an Impeccable place for Academic and Research. The campus is expremely safe and well guarded by Securities. There are many parks, waterbodies and Children Playing Areas, Gardens etc. It is an amazing place to see, have a walk and roam about.

Festivals and Events

Many Festivals and Events are organized at IIT Kharagpur. IIT Kharagpur organizes many national level fests as well as departmental events etc are also organized, some of the events are listed below :

  • Spring Fests : When we all dissertate about Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and all of its associative activities, it always starts with decade long delicacy of culture and heritage, "SPRING FEST" or annual social and cultural festival of IIT Kharagpur is of no difference. The first edition was held in 1960 and since then it has grown to be one of the largest student run college fests in India. Spring Fest has been celebrating the "true spirit of youth" for over five decades, growing bigger and better with every passing year. It is a perfect blend of fun and frolic, of excitement and ecstasy. Spring Fest is a celebration with a responsibility. A splendid platform for the dazzling and stunning display of the manifold talents of today's youth, but always conjoined with an underlying social theme.
  • Kshitij : With over 40 events, encompassing varied fields of science, technology and management, Kshitij, the annual techno-management fest of IIT Kharagpur, invites students from all around the globe to put their ingenuity and aptitude to test at an unparalleled level of competition. The largest fest of its kind in all of Asia, offers its participants a wide spectrum of events to prove their mettle, while the huge amount of prize money is reflective of the grandeur of the same.
  • Illumination : known as Illu, is a festival unique to IIT Kharagpur. It is inspired from the day of Diwali (the festival of lights) and is usually held on the day of Diwali itself. It is held as a competition among student halls.[85] As part of the Illumination festival, all halls build vertical panels of bamboo (called Chatais) on which thousands of lamps (diyas) are mounted forming outlines of people or things; illustrating an event, or a place of importance. The chatais may reach a height of 6 metres (20 ft), with nearly 20,000 lighted lamps.

Academic Events

More then 10 Academic events like short term courses, seminars, conferences takes part in every month. More than 10 international conferences are organized at IIT Kharagpur and institute will also support you to attend conferences in India and Abroad.


IIT Kharagpur has collaboration with many top universities of the World. Universities of USA, Europe, Australlia, Asia and some national universities as well. Click on the link below to
IIT Kharagpur has many Consultancy and Sponsored Projects as well. The Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy (SRIC) Cell of IIT Kharagpur looks after all the sponsored research activities of IIT Kharagpur starting from project submission, project management including accounting, recruitment of research personnel, interactions with the funding agency, protection of IPR and technology transfer. Additionally, SRIC plays a vital role in the initiation of new research initiatives of the Institute and implementation of various national initiatives.