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About Us

The E&ECE Department offers programs of study leading to BTech, MTech, MS Doctor of Philosophy degrees in Electronics and communication Engineering. The department’s academic programs are nationally and internationally recognized as one of the premier engineering programs in the world.

Our faculty are leading the way in areas such as low-power computing, integrated analog and digital electronics, embedded systems, communications, energy and power systems, nanotechnology and nanomaterials, applied and computational electromagnetics, radar remote sensing, quantum computing, ultrafast lasers, optoelectronics, plasma science and engineering, millimetre wave technology, MEMS, big data, wireless sensor networks, computer vision and machine learning.

Consisting of a large and diverse student base of some of the brightest young minds in the engineering field, the ECE Department has demonstrated excellence and commitment in the areas of academics, student support, and community. Students are supported each year through fellowships, research assistantships, and teaching assistantships. Additionally, ECE students can participate in many well-respected and nationally recognized student organizations.

The large ECE graduate enrolment is sustained by a research program with an expenditure rate of approximately $5M per year. The research program of the ECE Department is organized into several different research areas whose disciplinary domains span a wide variety of diverse topics. ECE students get involved in research, travel abroad in international learning programs, perform community outreach, and start new ventures. They gain valuable experience in co-ops and internships.

Building on solid scientific investigation, we will continue to revolutionize technology in the areas of Energy, Communication Technology, Health, and Space.