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Publications in Journal

# Publications by 2007
1 Saitoh K., Florous N. , Murao T. , Varshney S. K., Koshiba M., Photonic bandgap fiber filter design based on non-proximity resonant coupling mechanism, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, 19, 1547-1549, 2007
2 Datta R., Ghose S. , Sengupta I., Two New Algorithms for Static Virtual Topology design in Optical WDM Networks, International Journal on Wireless and Optical Communications, 1-14, 2007
3 Maity A., Raghavendra R. G., Mandal P, Design of a low power voltage regulator for high dynamic range of load current, International Journal of Electronics, 95, 743-757, 2007
4 Chakraborty M., Shaik R. A., Lee M. H., An Efficient Implementation of the Sign LMS Algorithm using Block Floating Point Format, EURASIP Journal on Advances in Signal Processing, 2007
5 Chakraborty M., So H. , Zheng J., New Adaptive Algorithm for Delay Estimation of Sinusoidal Signals, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 984-987, 2007
6 Mandal M. K., Sanyal S, Compact bandstop filter using signal interference technique, IET Electronics Lett., 43, 110-111, 2007
7 M. K. Mandal and S. Sanyal, Compact wide-band bandpass filters using microstrip to slotline broadside-coupling, IEEE Microwave and Wireless Comp. Lett, 17, 640-642, 2007
8 Mandal M. K., Mondal P. , Sanyal S. , Chakrabarty A., Novel compact bandpass filters with wide controllable fractional bandwidth, Wiley Microwave and Optical Tech. Lett., 49, 29-31, 2007
9 Bandyopadhyay, S., Reiss, L.A.J. and Young, E.D, A receptive field for dorsal cochlear nucleus neurons at multiple sound levels, Journal of Neurophysiology, 98, 3505 - 3515, 2007
10 Khan, S., Bandyopadhyay, S., Ganguly, A.R., Saigal, S., Erickson III, D.J., Protopopescu, V. and Ostrouchov, G, Evaluation of different mutual information estimation measures in short and noisy time series, Physical Review E, 76, 2007
11 Reiss, L.A.J., Bandyopadhyay, S. and Young, E.D., Spectral contrast and nonlinearity in the dorsal cochlear nucleus neurons, Journal of Neurophysiology, 98, 2133-2143, 2007
12 Aruna Tripathy, Sant Sharan Pathak, Saswat Chakrabarti, An improved SIC based turbo equalizer, WSEAS Transactions on Communications, 6, 867-874, 2007
13 A.D.Banik, U.C.Gupta, S.S.Pathak, On the GI/M/1/N queue with multiple working vacation - analytic analysis and computation, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 31, 1701-1710, 2007
14 R., Padmanabh K., Maximum Lifetime Routing in Wireless Sensor networks minimizing various chemical limitations of the sensor battery, CCNC, 525-529, 2007
15 Roy R., Kumar M. , Sharma N. K., Sural S., Bottom-Up Construction of Bluetooth Topology under a Traffic-Aware Scheduling Scheme, IEEE Trans. Mob. Comput, 6, 72-86, 2007
16 A. V. Nandedkar, P. K. Biswas, A General Reflex Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network, Special Issue: Soft Computing in Artificial Intelligence, Data and Web Mining (Part-I), 14, 195 - 205, 2007
17 S. Pal, P. Ganguly, P. K. Biswas, Cubic Bezier Approximation of a Digitized Curve, 40, Pattern Recognition, 2730-2741, 2007
18 A. V. Nandedkar, P. K. Biswas, Fuzzy Min-Max Neural Network with Compensatory Neuron Architecture, IEEE Trans. on Neural Networks, 18, 42-54, 2007
19 M. B. Kokare, P. K. Biswas, B. N. Chatterji, Texture Image Retrieval using Rotated Wavelet Filters, Pattern Recognition Letter, 28, 1240-1249, 2007