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Raja Datta


Prof. Datta is a Senior Member of IEEE and has to his credit a number of publications in high impact factor Journals (that includes IEEE Transactions, IET, Elsevier, Springers, etc.) and International Conferences. He has produced several PhDs and MS students in the area of Computer Communication Networks apart from supervising numerous MTech and BTech projects. He is a member of the editorial boards and reviewers of several International Journals and has handled a number of projects funded by MHRD, DIT, ISRO, and Indian Railways. He was the Principal Coordinator of the IIT Kharagpur for Train Ten Thousand Teachers (T10KT) Program under NMEICT. He has been consultants to several organizations including the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) of India and was also in the core committee for securing Indian National Museum, Kolkata. He has been associated with several Institutes and Universities as an examiner, member of Academic Boards, etc.

Prof. Datta was the Chairman of IEEE Kharagpur section in 2014. He was also the Secretary and Vice-Chair of the IEEE Kharagpur Section in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Apart from organizing a lot of activities, the section also received the best small section award in Region 10 during his tenure as an office-bearer. From February 2011 he is the Prof-in-charge of the Technology Telecom Centre (TTC) of IIT Kharagpur. TTC houses a 6000+ line capacity telephone exchange and is responsible for the installation and maintenance of the entire voice communication facilities on the campus. TTC got revamped in the last few years and has added several new utility features to the telecommunication network of the campus.

Research Statement

His main research interests include Computer Communication Networks, Network Function Virtualization, 5G Edge Computing, Vehicular Networks, Mobile Ad-hoc, and Sensor Networks, Optical Elastic Networks, InterPlanetary Networks, Computer Architecture, Distributed Operating Systems and Distributed Processing.


  • 1 Sensor Networks
  • 2 Optical Communication And Networks
  • 3 Telecommunication Systems And Networks
  • 4 Network Security
  • 5 Algorithms


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  • Datta R., Ghose S. , Sengupta I, LightpaLightpath Provisioning in Wavelength Selective WDM Networks using GMPLS, International Conference on Information Technology, 2003


  • Improved Protocols, Techniques and Algorithms for Inter Planetary Networks-Phase, Client: SPACE APPLICATIONS CENTRE, AHMEDABAD, P.I.: Raja Datta, Completed
  • Training, Development and Moodle Support for Technical Teachers through ICT, Client: Multiple Internal and Outside Sources, P.I.: Raja Datta, Completed

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