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Amitabha Bhattacharya


Amitabha Bhattacharya was born in Kolkata, West Bengal in the year 1964. He received his B.Tech. (E&ECE) Degree from IIT Kharagpur in 1986, M.E. (E&TCE) from Jadavpur University in 1994 and Ph.D. (E. & ECE) from IIT Kharagpur in 1998. He is a fellow of Summa Foundation, USA and a senior member of IEEE, USA.

Research Statement

Dr. Bhattacharya‘s research interest is in the areas of Microwave Imaging, Microwave Propagation, High Power Microwaves, and Microwave Stealth Technology. He has published more than 100 international research publications, two technical reports for Indian Defense, written a Tata McGraw Hill published a textbook on “Digital Communication” and co-authored a book chapter on “Modal Analysis of Reflector backed Hybrid Printed dipole antenna”. He has also developed 4 NPTEL online courses on microwave Technology. He has been Principal Investigator of 17 completed and 2 ongoing research projects and consultancies sponsored by agencies like DRDO, ISRO, Indian Army, BARC, MHRD, Wipro, etc., has conducted 18 short term courses especially training scientists from HAL, ISRO, DRDO, Indian tri-services, etc. in the areas of Electromagnetic Environments and Microwave Technologies. Dr. Bhattacharya has supervised six Ph.D. thesis and thirty-seven postgraduate theses. Presently he is supervising seven research students.


  • 1 RF & Microwave Communication
  • 2 Microwave Imaging
  • 3 Microwave Stealth
  • 4 Ground Penetrating Radar
  • 5 Microwave Propagation
  • 6 High Power Microwaves


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  • Maity S., Patra S. K., Bhattacharya A., Improving GPR signal modeling for efficient characterization of multi-layered media, 16th International Conference on GPR, 2016
  • Allampalli A., Bhattacharya A., Resistive Sensor for High Power Microwave Pulse Measurement, International Conference on EMI/EMC (INCEMIC 2016), 2016
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  • Sanjay Soni and A. Bhattacharya, An Analytical Characterization of Transmission through a Building for Deterministic Propagation Modeling, Microwave and Optical Technology Letter, 53, 1875-1879, 2011
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  • S. Gupta, A. Bhattacharya and A. Chakraborty, Analysis of an open-ended waveguide radiator with Dielectric plug, IEE Proceedings on Microwave, Antenna and Propagation, 144, 126-130, 1997


  • Ka Band Propagation Experiments over Indian tropical Region for Improvement of Ka Band Satellite Communication, Client: ISRO, IIT Kharagpur Cell, P.I.: A. Bhattacharya, Co-P.I.: Prof. K. Bandopadhyay, Completed
  • DEVELOPMENT OF EARTH SIMULATION FOR TIME DOMAIN GPR APPLICATIONS (EDG), Client: SAC, Ahmedabad, P.I.: Amitabha Bhattacharya, Completed
  • DEVELOPMENT OF FAR FIELD HPM POWER SENSOR (FHP), Client: BRNS, BARC, P.I.: Amitabha Bhattacharya, Completed
  • Development of a Real-time Remote-access Blast Vibration Monitoring cum Danger Warning System and Selection of Structure Specific Damage Criteria (UAY_II_IITKGP_006), Client: Uttam Blastech Pvt. Ltd., Co-P.I.: Amitabha Bhattacharya, Completed
  • Reconfigurable Antennas with Frequency, Polarization, and Radiation Pattern Agility for Wireless Communication Systems, Client: Department of Science and Technology (DST), P.I.: Amitabha Bhattacharya, Completed

Research Group

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Ph. D.
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Engineered Electromagnetic Material
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Elango S
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Time Domain Electromagnetics
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Satellite navigation
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Radar Target Identification
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Electromagnetic Interference in Wireless System
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Microwave Imaging
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Radar Absorbing Material