Projects (Past)

  • Study of CDMA Codes for Satellite Navigation (ISRO).
  • FPGA Based Design and Development of H.264 Codec (ISRO).
  • Error Resilient Scheme for Satellite TV System (ISRO).
  • Development of Video Segmentation and Coding Algorithms and Architectures for Very Low Bitrate Applications (ISRO).
  • Design of Software-only High Definition Video Codec based on H.264 (Intellisys Technologies and Research Limited).

Projects (Ongoing)

  • Studies on New Modulation Techniques for Satellite Navigation (ISRO).
  • Model Based Error Concealment (ISRO).
  • Hardware/Software Integrated Approach to Next Generation Video Conferencing System (Intellisys Technologies and Research Limited).
  • Teachers Empowerment, Student Empowerment and Integration of Tools for Improvement-Symchronous Delivery (MHRD, Government of India).