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Collaborative Projects by Bibhudatta Sahoo

Sl Title Client / Funding Agent PI / Co-PI
1 High-speed Mixed-Signal and Digital Electronics, Including Superconductor Integrated Circuits HYPRES INC. PI: Bibhudatta Sahoo
2 Analog Computing Redpine Signals, Inc. PI: Bibhudatta Sahoo
3 Low-power 5G Receiver Architecture Based on Hadamard Transform Based Analog Signal Companding ISIRD, SRIC PI: Bibhudatta Sahoo
4 Architecture and Circuits for 5G Communication Apex Committee of SPARC PI: Bibhudatta Sahoo
5 Radiation Tolerant All Digital Wide-Tuning Range Fractional-N Phase-Locked Loop ISRO, IIT KHARAGPUR CELL PI: Bibhudatta Sahoo
6 Analysis and Design of High speed ADC and DAC Advance Numerical Research and Analysis Group PI: Bibhudatta Sahoo
7 Functional Sampling Based ADC ANALOG DEVICES INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED PI: Bibhudatta Sahoo