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Sarang Pendharker


  1. May 2018 - Present: Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics & Electrical Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.
  2. December 2017 - May 2018: Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Goa.

Research Statement

My research delves into the interface optical physics and communication engineering. I explore fundamental properties of electromagnetic waves and their interaction with matter, to build a foundation for the next generation of communication and imaging technologies.

I am looking for motivated students at Ph.D. and master's level to work on a range of challenging research problems in theoretical and experimental domains. I am also offering a series of undergraduate level hardware as well as software development projects. Interested students are encouraged to send an email and schedule a meeting to discuss the details.


  • 1 Reconfigurable Microwave Circuits
  • 2 Photonics: Metamaterials And Topology
  • 3 Electromagnetic Waves In Complex Media
  • 4 Optical Microscopy Techniques


  • Shekhar P., Pendharker S. , Vick D. , Malac M. , Jacob Z, Fast electrons interacting with a natural hyperbolic medium: bismuth telluride, Optics Express, 27, 6970-6975, 2019
  • Shekhar P., Pendharker S. , Sahasrabudhe H. , Vick D. , Malac M. , Rahman R. , Jacob Z., Extreme ultraviolet plasmonics and Cherenkov radiation in silicon, Optica, 5, 1590-1596, 2018
  • Pendharker S., Kalhor F. , Van Mechelen T. , Jahani S. , Nazemifard N. , Thundat T. , Jacob Z., Spin photonic forces in non-reciprocal waveguides, Optics Express, 26, 2018
  • Pendharker S., Guo Y. , Khosravi F. , Jacob Z, PT-symmetric spectral singularity and negative-frequency resonance, Physical Review A, 95, 2017
  • Pendharker S., Hu H. , Molesky S. , Starko-bowes R. , Poursoti Z. , Pramanik S. , Nazemifard N. , Fedosejevs R. , Thundat T. , Jacob Z., Thermal graphene metamaterials and epsilon-near-zero high temperature plasmonics, Journal of Optics, 19, 2017
  • Pendharker S., Shende S. , Jacob Z. , Nazemifard N., Three-dimensional optical tomography of bitumen and clay association in oil sands tailings, Fuel, 207, 262-267, 2017
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  • Shende S., Pendharker S. , Jacob Z. , Nazemifard N, Total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy to investigate the distribution of residual bitumen in oil sands tailings, Energy & Fuels, 30, 5537-5546, 2016
  • Pendharker S., Chandorkar A. N., Shevgaonkar R. K., Optically controlled frequency reconfigurable band stop filter with multifrequency switching, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, 56, 1204-1211, 2014
  • Pendharker S., Chandorkar A. N., Shevgaonkar R. K, Optically controlled frequency-reconfigurable microstrip antenna with low photoconductivity, IEEE antennas and wireless propagation letters, 13, 99-102, 2014
  • Patil P. B., Pendharker S. , Shevgaonkar R. K, Electrical modeling of photonic crystal defects, Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, 54, 2522-2528, 2012


  • Photonic Reconfiguration of Silicon-Integrated mmWave Devices, Client: ISIRD, SRIC, P.I.: Sarang Pendharker, Completed
  • Time-Variant Non-Reciprocal Component for mmWave Applications, Client: Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB), P.I.: Sarang Pendharker, Completed

Research Group

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Punit Kumar
Ph. D.
Research Scholars
mmWave components and antenna systems for 5G applications