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Rajarshi Roy


Research Statement

A professorial career that involves a never-ending search for truth, should build strong research. I do work on performance analysis and resource allocation issues in communication networks. I wish to continue publishing on computer networking, network coding, Energy Efficient cooperative communication, and network optimization. We use mathematical methods from related scientific areas of graph theory, dynamic graphs, MDPs, decentralized distributed learning in multi-agent systems, mechanism design to ensure targeted desirable emergence, queuing models and optimization. Applications like sensor network to secure intelligent infrastructure, modeling computational trust over an electronic social network, the evolution of cooperation in ad hoc networks certainly draws my attention. Cognitive and Cooperative Communication, network coding, optimization-based stack design incorporating new technologies, self-deployment in mobile sensor networks are some of my current research focuses. Our research area initially emerged as performance analysis and application of optimal control in networks. Thie conceptual gaps as they emerge with advancements of new technologies like cognitive systems, adaptive beamforming, 5G, and millimeter-wave hardware, nanotechnologies are being addressed now. This process as it unfolds itself defines our ever-evolving research agenda.


  • 1 Queuing Theory And Computational Science
  • 2 Telecommunication Systems And Networks
  • 3 Sensor Networks
  • 4 Wireless And Optical Networking
  • 5 5G/6G Communications


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  • Acharya T., Roy R., Efficient Routing in Ad Hoc Network using Multiple Disjoint Energy Aware Minimum Connected Dominating Sets, Foundations of Computing and Decision Sciences, 35, 145-170, 2010
  • Chakraborty S. S., Roy R. , De S, ARQ-based switched antenna diversity in Markov channels, IET Electronics Letters, 44, 1475-1476, 2008
  • R., Padmanabh K., Maximum Lifetime Routing in Wireless Sensor networks minimizing various chemical limitations of the sensor battery, CCNC, 525-529, 2007
  • Roy R., Kumar M. , Sharma N. K., Sural S., Bottom-Up Construction of Bluetooth Topology under a Traffic-Aware Scheduling Scheme, IEEE Trans. Mob. Comput, 6, 72-86, 2007
  • Roy R., Panwar S. S., Efficient buffer sharing in shared memory ATM systems with space priority traffic., IEEE Communications Letters, 6, 162-164, 2002


  • Energy efficient routing, Client: ISRO, IIT KHARAGPUR CELL, P.I.: Rajarshi Roy, Completed


  • Member of Editorial Board, IETE Technical Review. - Year:
  • Awarded Research Fellowship at Polytechnic University 2/95-7/00.(During Doctoral studies) - Year:
  • Awarded Research Scholarship at Indian Institute of Science, India 1992- 1994.(During masters studies) - Year:
  • Obtained J.B.N.S.T.S. scholarship from Government of West Bengal, India, 1988-1992.(During Bachelor’s studies) - Year:
  • Awarded N.T.S. scholarship from Government of India, 1986-1988. (During High School studies) - Year:

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