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Aniket Singha


Dec, 2017-April 2018: Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Electrical Engg., IIT Bhilai
May 2018 to present: Assistant Professor in the Dept of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engg., IIT Kharagpur

Research Statement

1. Systems based on spin-photon interaction.
2. 2D material and systems for spintronic devices.

3. Physics-based mathematical modeling and quantum transport simulation of nanoscale devices.

4. Thermoelectric energy harvesting in nanoscale devices. Thermoelectric refrigeration. Spin thermoelectrics and spin caloritronics.

5. Nuclear spin manipulation in quantum dots and quantum Hall bars for application in quantum


  • 1 2D System Based Spintronics
  • 2 Spin-photon Interaction
  • 3 Spintronic Nanomaterials And Devices
  • 4 Quantum Transport Modeling
  • 5 Micro/nano-scale Transport Processes


  • Singha A., Optimized Peltier refrigeration via an array of quantum dots with stair-like ground state energy configuration, Singha A., 382, 3029-3030, 2018
  • Singha A., Muralidharan B., Performance analysis of nanostructured Peltier coolers, Journal of Applied Physics, 124, 2018


  • Modeling and Optimization of Spin-transport and Waste Heat Harvesting in Spin-transfer-torque based Switching Devices, Client: ISIRD, SRIC, P.I.: Aniket Singha, Completed

Research Group

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Anamika Barman
Ph. D.
Research Scholars
Thermoelectrics & Topological materials